Listing FAQ

What payment options do you offer?
A. At this time only the Paypal payment gateway for commercial sites & free review for non-profit organizations.

How do I cancel my listing and subscription?
A. Email support[@] and ask for your listing removal or cancel your subscription at Paypal.

What happens if my submission is rejected?
A. You will receive a site rejection notice via email with in-depth information as to why your submission was rejected.

Will I receive a refund if my site is rejected?
A. No, we do not give refunds. You are paying for a guaranteed submission review, payment does NOT guarantee a listing.

How long do submission reviews take?
A. 24-48hrs.

Will editors change my title & description?
A. Yes, your title will be your site title as found at your website. The description will be edited for uniqueness, site features found and offerings from a third person point of view. We are not an advertising and listing agency. Our priority is providing our users with accurate and descriptive overviews of what they can expect when clicking through one of our listings.

Can I use the "Not for Profit" payment option?
A. If your organization is non-commercial meaning you do not acquire funds for goods and services at your website, then you may submit using this option. Be very careful using this option as our editors will delete your submission, ban the domain, ban the submitters IP and ban the email address used to submit the site if they note any commercialism at your site.