Lists dictionaries that provide such information as the spelling, pronunciation, meaning, forms, etymology, and usage of words.

Dictionary Building Software for Reporters

Jun 16, 2013 |
Software program for realtime reporters and captioners that lists many diverse vocabulary lists. ... Get details

Dictionary Society of North America

Jun 16, 2013 |
An international organization of librarians, booksellers, translators, linguists, publishers, writers, journalists, and collectors. Founded in 1975 to further research in dictionary making, study, ... Get details


Jun 16, 2013 |
Search a variety of dictionaries including monolingual, bilingual, and specialty dictionaries. ... Get details

Farlex Free Dictionary

Jun 16, 2013 |
Collection of dictionaries by subject including medical and legal together with free and subscription encyclopedias, in ten languages. ... Get details


Jun 16, 2013 |
Includes several dictionaries and a thesaurus as well as online tools for shipping and mailing, currency exchange, and language translation. ... Get details

Word Assault

Jun 16, 2013 |
Looks up multiple words simultaneously using several databases including Webster's, Easton's, Wordnet, and the Devil's Dictionary. ... Get details

Your Dictionary

May 25, 2013 |
Multi language array of dictionaries. Includes wildcard search for word, games for building language skills and a community forum and articles. ... Get details